AMBER - An alluring blend of sensual amber with sexy sandalwood and musk

ANITELU - Manly and masculine and contrary to the scent description, a blend of rose and wild geranium with notes of bergamot and golden amber  

AYANA - A soft and feminine blend of berries, florals, white amber, coconut, musk and vanilla 

COCONUT - Creamy coconut with notes of cocoa butter and tropical fruits


KUMQUAT - Sweet and sour mandarin with fresh sliced pineapple and a touch of creamy vanilla

MANGO - A refreshing blend of tropical mango and ripe red berries with a squeeze of fresh lemon

NABU - A soft and mysterious blend of dragons blood, myrrh and patchouli with subtle floral notes and a musky vanilla finish     

NYALA  - Wild berries, dark plum and bergamot with florals of red velvet flower, jasmine and plumeria with a base of cashmere, dark patchouli and praline  

SALAN - Creamy vanilla and smooth sandalwood

WHITE HONEY - Sweet honey